Welcome, earthling!

Are you ready for a little attack on humanity? Then get into the U.F.O. and kill as many people as possible in 60 seconds. But don´t get hit! We had to divert all shield power into the disruptor. Now we destroy these annoying little creatures with just one shot. But we are helplessly at the mercy of their unruly shots. 

What are you still doing here? Off with you and have some fun.

What started as a game for the GBCompo2021 is now available in its final form. With revised controls, newly designed background graphics and new music & sound fx.

All Humans Must Die! is also available as a wonderful physical version from Ferrante Crafts and can be ordered >here< Have a look at his shop, there is a lot more stuff for all GameBoy enthusiasts and retro friends out there.

Feel free to post your highscore in the comments below.

Of course there were other people involved in this project.


Game Design & Idea

Dominik Zimmer

Pixel Graphics

Title & Win & Lost Music
Mouse Drinker

Credits Music
Mr.V from VHVS

Level Music
Coffee "Valen" Bat
Vault Kid

Sound FX

Music Conversion & Remixes

If you like what these helping hands did for me, check out there other projects as well. Amazing people and I am thankful for there help and support!

Mr.V from VHVS


Coffee "Valen" Bat

Vault Kid

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TagsAliens, Arcade, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, High Score, Homebrew, one-hit-kill, Pixel Art, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up


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Current high score: 4175 points. Rank: God Mode

Play as a pacifist and enjoy the music! :D

Game rated & enjoyed. Congrats on the work.

Nice arcade style fast shooter, great sound, impressed with the laugh and speech. Love the skull with glowing eyes. I wish you every success. One point of feedback, put a bigger link/banner for your ferrante crafts physical cart. I nearly overlooked it hidden in the text.

Thank you very much for the nice feedback. And the banner is thing I will work on tomorrow! Good point 😊

Fun arcade style game, but because you can die really easily and after only one (and no lives), I wish there was a "Continue?" option on the game over screen so that I could jump back into the level without seeing all the menu screens and animations.

How nice to see the game improve month by month. Let's say version 2.0 was much better, where we still had to fight for every idea to solve it, and in 3.0, almost everything was already given, even with this sound. :) Nice progress!

thank you very much 👽